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 1940 Hymn #277 Played by Clyde McLennan


St. James is open, holding weekly Morning Prayer service on Sunday mornings at 11:00AM. While wearing masks is encouraged, they are not required to attend. We will not be restricting attendance to guests without masks, while welcoming those who feel more comfortable wearing one to use masks either provided by the church, or bring their own. Also, complementary hand sanitizer is available inside the front entrance.

Pew seating: We ask all guests to sit separately from congregants that you did not arrive with.

What St. James is doing for your safety:

After each service, each pew has been sanitized and wiped down with disinfectant. The prayer books and hymnal covers have been wiped down and disinfected. This cleaning is repeated after each service. While bulletins are provided, we ask that if you take one, that you please keep it and take it home with you.

We welcome you to join us at St. James Anglican Church!

St. James Anglican Church is located in the heart of Sandy Springs, Georgia -- a suburb of Atlanta. Established in 1967 by Bishop Frank H. Benning, St. James continues following the traditional Anglican faith in this ever increasingly modern era. Our services come from the traditional 1928 Book of Common Prayer. We are here for those seeking the original/traditional worship experience based in the solemn beauty and dignity of the Anglican Faith. Our service music is nothing but the Grand Traditional 1940 Hymnal, Standard Harmony Edition as traditionally used with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Our hymns and service music is provided in glorious Pipe Organ by Organist Clyde McLennan. Some of this music can be heard on various pages of our website!

St. James Anglican Church was founded in 1967 and celebrated 50 Years of Faith, in the Spring of 2017. At first glance our church is noticeably "different" in comparison to what you may expect upon arrival. Unlike your typical cathedral or structure designed and built specifically for worship. This is because St. James exists within a farmhouse dating back to the Pre-Civil War Era (circa 1836). Since 1974 when St. James moved from downtown Atlanta to its current location the former home has undergone multiple renovations and modifications. Taking this into consideration, we feel it is perfect example of a true "house of God."

Surrounded by trees in nearly three rolling green acres of beautiful land; St. James provides not only the Anglican-Episcopal tradition, our location harkens back to a more calm and peaceful time. Here at St. James you will find a calming peace amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy and growing modern city.

We at St. James are a diverse mix of Christians bound by common beliefs and a shared appreciation for the Christian fellowship our church provides. St. James is committed to preserving the beautiful language and solemn dignity of traditional Anglican rituals. Some of us are former "modern" Episcopalians; others are Anglicans from around the world. Even still some of our membership comes from those seeking truth and peace in spirit and unity with no particular denominational background.

Because we are a small church, one of our goals is making guests and visitors feel at home while experiencing the saving power and grace of Jesus Christ. Currently our services are held on Sunday at 11am unless otherwise indicated.

Holy Communion is held the first and third Sunday of the month, with Morning Prayer on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.

All are welcome, including modern Episcopalians who long for more traditional Anglicanism which has long since faded from the modern Episcopal services. At St. James, you will experience "church the way you remember it." After all, the Episcopal service and tradition began in the Anglican faith.

St. James Anglican Church is the home of The Anglican Episcopal Diocese, South and a proud member of the ACIC / ACUSA with oversight from The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson of The Anglican Church of Virginia.